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And Still He Dreams of 5K…

And Still He Dreams of 5K...

I went to the gym today, aiming to just do an easy 4-5 miles on the treadmill. After all, my legs and hips were pretty much shot from the long run on Sunday, plus some easy mileage on Monday combined with a CrossFit interval training session. I ached; I hurt. You say "toe-MAY-toe." I say "my legs want to just die." Let's call the whole thing off. But, no, onward I went (sort of, since I was technically running in place).  I did an easy mile warm-up, and then bumped things up t

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He’s Going the Distance!

He's Going the Distance!

He's going for speed! And, to be honest, failing rather spectacularly, judging by his finish time. Say what? Say this! Back on January 31, 2010, I ran the ING Miami Marathon with a couple of high school friends. And 18,000 other people, although some 14,000 of them couldn't nut it up, opting for the wussy half-marathon instead. Ah well, more pavement for the rest of us.  Suckers! (us? them?) But how did I, a guy who was moderately portly (mmm, beer) and out-of-shape (mmm,

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