Third Time’s a Charm. Maybe.

Hi again.

It’s me.

How have you been?


Glad to hear it.

So, anyway, a couple of years ago when I bought this domain name, I had high hopes for what I might do with it. I liked the name, because it read with a certain arrogance, but a simple change in inflection altered the meaning considerably – that is, it wasn’t about ME being better than YOU, but about all of us being better than we ARE.

I had intended it to be dedicated to the goal of self-improvement, and I would bring my corporate process improvement skills to bear on the matter of personal development. After all, while work is a process, so is much of life (getting in shape, cooking healthy meals, working on a relationship, hiding the bodies). The idea was pure blogging genius!

However, I had no idea how dreadfully boring that would be to (a) write and (b) read.

I mean, really, just typing that paragraph up there explaining my original intent just about did the site in AGAIN.

Apparently, though, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time around, so several months later I resurrected the thing and tried again, promising that I would soon be back with much blogging goodness and delight and information and such.

And then damn near a year passed.

Which brings us here.


So, here’s my new plan, which I spent several minutes thinking about over the course of a week or two:

I’m just going to write about the things I am doing or have done to better myself, across any range of topics, and I’ll mention whatever tools or blogs or websites or people or substances of questionable legality (note: joke) were involved in the process.

I might talk about how I took up weight training and running and lost 30 pounds. Or how I ran the 2010 Miami Marathon back in January (ok, there’s no “might” about it – that was one long-ass run and it’s going to be my second post). I might post about topics where I think the critical thinking skills of the masses have gone off track (if you’re an evangelical, you should probably just go ahead and prepare to be offended). I might post about good beer or good food, all things in moderation, even if sometimes I don’t abide by that. It could be a post on parenting (see: hiding the bodies, see: joke). Or how it’s not easy being green (or maybe how it is easier than you think).

I really have no idea.

The whole darn thing could just waste away and wither on the interwebs one more time.

It happens.


But why I am doing this?

I used to run a wee little blog called The World Wide Rant. It was as it sounds: angry and sarcastic and frustrated with a world full of stupid. It was also, at least I like to think, amusing and funny, but often at the expense of someone else (who probably deserved it, given how completely and objectively wrong they were).

In the end, that just got old. So, despite some modest popularity, the odd media mention, and a few hundred bucks in ad revenue until Google inexplicably got its knickers in a twist (inexplicable in that they would never explain it, because their “don’t be evil” tagline is a truckload of BS)… sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes, despite all of that, and despite the protests of hundreds or maybe 10 or so people, I shut it down. The poo-flinging monkey of the internet would fling poo no more. It was a hard decision, but it felt right, and felt great once it was done. Six years of snark went dark.

All of which is a really long way of saying that I’m back, in a kindler and gentler version, at least most of the time (am I not human? do I not bleed?)

Stay tuned.

But be prepared to wait a while, just in case.

P.S. I’m still dorking about with themes, so things could change here from minute to minute, or week to week, or year to year if I fall into blog slumber again.

(Image borrowed from here, where you can buy it on a greeting card, because all your friends want to be reminded what an ass you can be.)

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